The history of eManager

Read about us as we share the short version of where and how eManager started this fantastic journey. It all started when a group of friends went to see Pro Series...

The history of eManager

eManager started in November 2018 when a group of friends went and saw Pro Series in Copenhagen đź‘Ź

Rasmus came home and wanted to learn more about Counter-Strike and started searching for a dream team manager game without any luck. But Rasmus really wanted to learn and get closer to this amazing entertaining sport. So he got an idea: He is going to create this game!

To find out if other people think it was a great idea, he created a website where users could sign up for a beta round. Then he asked for beta testers within a large group on Facebook in Denmark (it went crazy with over 200 comments). People loved it, but Rasmus could not code!

The next day, Rasmus pitched the idea to Mikkel who within seconds jump on board as co-founder, and eManager was then a reality. With 14 days to the next tournament, they were in such a hurry; which means a lot of State Energy drinks consumed and no sleep!

This was the very start of the exquisite esports dream team manager game!

We were on a mission…

When we first started this dream, we wanted to learn and follow the esports more. We wanted to be closer to this fun and entertaining sports and we wanted to help other people to experience the same.

It wasn’t only the gamers who started loving the game but everyone else as well. It’s no longer a sport only for the “geeks” and it’s certainly no longer a sport which is followed only in a dark teenage room! The esports is now moved into big areas full of people of every age. Even living room TV’s are also displaying esports during the weekends when parents want to spend time with their kids.

We want to make sure that even more people will follow the esports by focusing on their favorite teams and players. We believe that a game like eManager can make the esports become more popular and accepted in the world.

So what is eManager today?

eManager is a free online game where you as the manager put together the best Counter-Strike team. You can pick between your favorite players from teams you already follow - we call it “your dream team”.

The game is based on real esports results where you play against friends and other fans all around the world.

You can play in your web browser or on your phone.

Thank you

We really want to thank a lot of people for helping us along the way.

But the greatest “Thank you” is to you reading this… Yes, you are right! Thank YOU our dear use. Thank YOU for supporting us and playing our game. We are having so much fun creating this and we are glad that YOU are loving it!

Without YOU we would not be here. Without YOUR comments, emails, messages and feedbacks, we wouldn’t have known what more to develop and which direction we should be taking. Please don’t cease to tell us what you like and what you hate! We love every single feedback coming from YOU.

In the end, I would like to say thank you to our sponsors, advisory board members, volunteers, friends and family, and to the greatest friend/coder/make-me-smile guy Mikkel!