We’re now on mobile too!

We hope this excites you as much as it excites us. Our iOS app is now ready for download! Read here about features and what more to expect in the future.

We’re now on mobile too!

Yes finally! Many of our lovely users asked us for a better responsive application. We heard you, so we gave you an App! We are now live in the Apple store.

The beginning

The app that you can download today is limited and has the basic features available. For now, you will be able to: Login and see your created teams See global position See player stats See groups and your group position Push notification when a match ended

This is only the beginning and many more features will come soon and in the future, so what out for it!

Coming soon

In a couple of weeks, we will release a brand new version of the app, where you will be able to:

  • Create a user
  • Create a team
  • Create or join groups with your team
  • See replacements after a transfer window

What about Android?

We know it - many of you guys would like to have an Android version as well so we got that covered. Our Android app will come very soon!

Like every new software, there will be some bugs and issues. We want to fix them on iOS first so you, our dear Android users, can get a clean and nice version right from the start.

Did you find a bug or is having an issue with our app?

If you’re having an issue or you’ve found a bug on our app, please notify us right away! Nothing else could make us happier. Click here to contact us.

Download app today!

Download the iOS app right here.