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FURIA is an esports organization from Brazil, with a world-class Counter-Strike team. The origins of FURIA go back to 2017, and while being a relatively young team, they had already become one of the fastest-growing entities in the esports universe.

They have good results behind them, as they are slowly building up the confidence and their skills, making progress from one tournament to another.

FURIA’s best ranking in their history is holding the 5th rank in the world.

They are also proud owners of FURIATV, the biggest streaming channel owned by an esports organization. The content they produce and provide is very unique and engaging, as it succeeds to capture the attention of a couple hundred thousand fans.

The team went on to start slow in 2017, with no big tournaments won.

Then, in 2018, they managed to win their first B-Tier tournament, GG.BET Ascensao, defeating Virtue Gaming in the finals to capture the 1st place.

They started the year 2019 by grabbing 2nd place in Americas Minor Championship – Katowice 2019, suffering a loss from Team Envy in the final round.

In April of the same year they went on to win the 1st place in ESEA Season 30: Premier Division – North America, beating Bad News Bears, capturing their first tournament win in 2019.

They had a lot of activity during that month, taking part in two more tournaments. In DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro, they finished 2nd, taking a loss from AVANGAR in the final round.

A week later, they also finished 2nd, suffering yet another defeat from INTZ eSports in Esports Championship Series Season 7 – North America.

June was a little bit disappointing for them as the team went on to win 4th place after being beaten by Team Liquid, but they gave one hell of an effort.

Keeping their hands busy, just a week later they went on to win 2nd place in Esports Championship Series Season 7 – finals, losing to Team Vitality.

They finished strong in July, winning EMF CS:GO World Invitational by defeating AVANGAR, avenging their previous loss to them.

Team players


Team coach

Nicholas Nogueira (Guerri)


 Esports Championship Series logo
Esports Championship Series
Second place in  Esports Championship Series
Season 7
ESEA Season 31 logo
ESEA Season 31
First place in ESEA Season 31
Global Challenge
DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 logo
DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019
DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019 logo
DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019
Second place in DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019
ESEA Season 30 logo
ESEA Season 30
First place in ESEA Season 30
Premier Division - North America

Team videos

ECS Season 7 finals
FURIA highlights
ECS Season 7
Grand final: FURIA vs Vitality