BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019

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from 07 Jul 18:00 to 07 Jul 04:32


Blast Pro Series is back and this great tournament will be located in Los Angeles (USA). The tournament will take place on 13 July 2019 and ends on 14 July 2019.

Like any other Blast Pro tournament 6 of the world best teams are competing against each other with a total prize pool of $250,000 USD. Besides money the teams also is winning points, and the best placed teams will end up in the finale with a prize pool of $500.000 USD.

This time the tournament will be played without Astralis – which make room for a quite unexpected mix in the total point scheme.



Some technical terms about BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019

  • All teams meet each other, and the 4 best-placed teams are competing in the semifinals
  • The 2 winners of the semifinals will meet each other in the grand final
  • All matches except the grand final and the semifinals are BO1
  • The grand final and the semifinals is a BO3 match

How to get points in eManager under BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019

  • Points are awarded according to the normal rules in eManager, which can be found here
  • In addition, a bonus of $40,000 USD per prize is given to all players on the winning team of the show round, Standoff

Transfer windows

There is 1 transfer window in this tournament.

Transfer window will run from 14 Jul 09:00 to 14 Jul 17:59. Up to 2 players can be replaced.

Prize structure

Winners of the global list

Kabir 50 USD for hardware of your choice

Lars Als 1x t-shirt from eManager

Winners of the group "CSGO Danmark"

Lars Als 12x energy drinks from STATE energy

Christian Andersen 1x t-shirt from eManager

Kim Eriksen 1x t-shirt from eManager

Winners of the group "eManager"

Mathias Bak Dinesen 1x t-shirt from eManager

Danni Birk Petersen 1x t-shirt from eManager

Random lucky users of our mobile App

Mikkel Post Holm 1x t-shirt from eManager

All winners will be contacted via the email they have created. To make it easier for all of us, please update your information

eManager’s "Best team"


Let’s face it! Liquid is on the role right now – and they will certain go to the final in this Blast Pro. Especially when Astralis is out.

So of course we have picked 2 players from Liquid to be picked to our best team. The players will without any doubt gain a lot of points and likely win the fine prize as the eMVP of the tournament.

In our world FaZe and mibr will join Liquid in the finals why a player from each team must be picked. FalleN is really doing well this year and together with his team they are a dangerous match.

FaZe has one of our favorite players, NiKo! Of course he is a great and very solid pick, but we also have a great love to what he bring to the game – why we have picked him to the best picked (once again).

At last we have nitr0 from NRG which we think is so talented, that he could be a part of on one of the biggest teams in the world – why we have picked him.



MVP is known in all sports as "Most Valuable Player", and is given to the player who performed best in a tournament.

In eManager we call it 'eMVP' = emanager's Most Valuable Player.

The player who has increased most value receives this fine price.If you had the player on your team, you have received an achievement.

Match list and times

13 Jul at18:10
MIBR(16) vs Renegades(14)
13 Jul at18:10
FaZe(16) vs NRG(9)
13 Jul at19:35
Liquid(16) vs Cloud9(8)
13 Jul at19:35
FaZe(16) vs Renegades(14)
13 Jul at21:05
Liquid(16) vs NRG(9)
13 Jul at21:05
MIBR(15) vs Cloud9(15)
13 Jul at22:35
NRG(16) vs Renegades(8)
13 Jul at22:35
FaZe(12) vs Cloud9(16)
14 Jul at00:00
MIBR(11) vs Liquid(16)
14 Jul at00:00
Cloud9(12) vs Renegades(16)
14 Jul at01:30
FaZe(4) vs Liquid(16)
14 Jul at01:30
MIBR(10) vs NRG(16)
14 Jul at03:00
MIBR(14) vs FaZe(16)
14 Jul at03:00
Liquid(16) vs Renegades(11)
14 Jul at03:00
Cloud9(15) vs NRG(15)
14 Jul at09:00
14 Jul at18:00
Liquid(2) vs Cloud9
14 Jul at21:45
FaZe(2) vs NRG
15 Jul at01:35
MIBR(1) vs Renegades
15 Jul at02:20
Liquid(2) vs FaZe

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