Pro Series Moscow 2019

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from 09 Sep 17:45 to 09 Sep 21:06


Pro Series is back and this time we are going to Russia! This is the fifth stop in the Pro Series 2019 season where the finale will be played in Copenhagen (and in eManager).

This time Pro Series will be played without Astralis – which makes room for an unexpected tournament.

Six teams are competing for a total prize pool of $250,000 USD. Five of the teams are some of the best teams in the world, while 2 local teams are competing for the last spot a few hours before the main tournament.


Natus Vincere

Some technical terms about Pro Series Moscow 2019

  • All teams will compete against each other, and the 2 best-placed teams are competing in the finals.
  • All matches except the finals are BO1
  • The final is a BO3 match

How to get points in eManager under Pro Series Moscow 2019

  • Points are awarded according to the normal rules in eManager, which can be found here
  • In addition, a bonus of $40,000 USD prize is given to all players on the winning team of the show round, Standoff.

Transfer windows

There is 1 transfer window in this tournament.

Transfer window will run from 13 Sep 20:30 to 14 Sep 10:30. Up to 2 players can be replaced.

Prize structure

Winners of the global list

Christian Iisager Bak 50 USD for hardware of your choice

DapperBenji 1x t-shirt from eManager

Winners of the group "CSGO Danmark"

Jonas Hansen 12x energy drinks from STATE energy

Lasse Zentner Bertelsen 1x loot box from MSI

Random lucky users of our mobile App

Henrik Schwartz 1x t-shirt from eManager

All winners will be contacted via the email they have created. To make it easier for all of us, please update your information

eManager’s "Best team"


Please aware – After this best picked was made, Vitality did drop out of the tournament. They will not be able to be picked in eManager.

I admit it, only choose these players if you are ready to take a big chance – this team will either win big time or fail ugly!

s1mple & electronic (both from NaVi) are some of the best players in the tournament separately. The big guess here is, whether the team can play together in Pro Series or not. Right now they are performing quite well, but we never know!

Alternatively, you can play around with s1mple and bring in ZywOo from Vitality. Please note that you can’t have more than 3 players from the same team which why you also need to make a replacement of either apEX or RpK.

RpK & apEX (both from Vitality) are chosen because they have done very well in 2019 and because we think Vitality will end up in the finals. Maybe against NaVi.

Young suNny is back on ENCE where he is playing his first match to Pro Series. This is the 3rd time he is joining ENCE. Lately, he has switched around to some smaller teams and ended up in mousesport. suNny is a risk to pick because he needs some practice to fall back in the team. But if he hits and plays like old times, he will be a pleasure to watch and follow.


MVP is known in all sports as "Most Valuable Player", and is given to the player who performed best in a tournament.

In eManager we call it eMVP = emanager`s Most Valuable Player.

The player who has increased most value receives this fine price. If you had the player on your team, you have received an achievement.

Match list and times

13 Sep at17:45
ENCE(4) vs forZe(16)
13 Sep at17:45
NiP(16) vs AVANGAR(12)
13 Sep at17:45
Natus Vincere(12) vs MIBR(16)
13 Sep at19:25
Natus Vincere(15) vs ENCE(15)
13 Sep at19:25
NiP(15) vs MIBR(15)
13 Sep at19:25
forZe(16) vs AVANGAR(14)
13 Sep at20:30
14 Sep at10:30
forZe(15) vs NiP(15)
14 Sep at10:30
ENCE(15) vs MIBR(15)
14 Sep at10:30
Natus Vincere(12) vs AVANGAR(16)
14 Sep at11:50
NiP(8) vs ENCE(16)
14 Sep at11:50
Natus Vincere(7) vs forZe(16)
14 Sep at11:50
MIBR(9) vs AVANGAR(16)
14 Sep at13:15
forZe(9) vs MIBR(16)
14 Sep at13:15
ENCE(13) vs AVANGAR(16)
14 Sep at13:15
Natus Vincere(9) vs NiP(16)
14 Sep at14:35
NiP(1) vs Natus Vincere
14 Sep at15:40
forZe(1) vs AVANGAR(2)

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