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from 12 Dec 10:00 to 12 Dec 19:59


The last big tournament of 2019 is here. Teams like Vitality, Evil Geniuses and Mousesports are competing at this event. Vitality and Evil Geniuses have had a rough end to the year, so they are looking to end on a high. Mousesports are just coming off a win CS:GO Asia Championships 2019, and Heroic just won DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019, so all of these teams are fighting to end the year of a high note and could end up shaking things up on the leaderboard.

The 3 home teams, Na’Vi, Forze and AVANGAR are also going to want to show the home crowd a good performance, so this tournament should get very interesting for everyone watching at home and in the stadium.


Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses
Natus VincereNatus Vincere

Some technical terms about EPICENTER 2019

  • All matches except the finals are BO1
  • The final is a BO3 match

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Evil Geniuses have had some pretty disappointing results at IEM Beijing and CS:GO Asia Championship, so they are going to come firing on all cylinders. Therefore we have selected two of their superstars in Ethan and CeRq. These two are certainly capable of putting up some incredible numbers with their skill level.

Partnering them we have ZywOo and shox from Vitality. They have had some mixed results they past couple of months, but with the teams participating we are confident that these two players can bring in some good results for this team.

Last up we have Snappi. Heroic are coming off a nice win, winning DreamHack Open Atlanta, and have shown good results recently.

Match list and times

17 Dec at10:00
Vitality vs EHOME
17 Dec at13:00
Natus Vincere vs Heroic
17 Dec at16:00
Group A Winners Match
18 Dec at10:00
forZe vs Evil Geniuses
18 Dec at13:00
AVANGAR vs mousesports
18 Dec at16:00
Group B Winners Match
19 Dec at09:00
Group A Elimination Match
19 Dec at12:00
Group B Elimination Match
19 Dec at15:00
Group A Decider Match
19 Dec at18:00
Group B Decider Match
21 Dec at11:00
Quarter-Final #1
21 Dec at14:00
Quarter-Final #2
22 Dec at09:00
Semi-Final #1
22 Dec at12:00
Semi-Final #2
22 Dec at15:00
Grand Final

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