Blast Pro Series

Blast Pro Series is a tournament designed as spectator entertainment. Small fast rounds and a special show round just before the final (Standoff).


DreamHack is designed to be special! They call themselves the biggest “Digital Festival” and allows people to bring their own computers.


The E-Sports Entertainment Association better known as ESEA is an esports competitive online league & community widely known for their anti-cheat software

ESL Pro League

The biggest yearly tournament is called ESL Pro League and it has a huge prize pool of 2 million dollars!


iBUYPOWER Masters are still pretty new and have quickly become a great tournament to watch! With great teams participating and high prizepool you must watch these tournaments.

Intel Extreme Masters

IEM, also knowns as, Intel Extreme Masters is one of the greatest Majors! It's also part of the Intel Grand Slam with 1,000,000 USD prize pool

StarSeries & i-League

The StarSeries & i-League is a joint venture between StarLadder and ImbaTV! High prize pool and special structure makes this a fantastic tournament to watch.


The WESG World Finals can be seen as the Olympics or the World Championship of CS:GO!