Blast Pro Series

Blast Pro Series is a tournament designed for spectators entertainment. Small fast rounds and a special show round just before the final (Standoff).


BLAST Pro Series is one of the biggest esports tournaments in the world, established by RFRSH Entertainment.

All the big Counter-Strike teams compete at the same time in a big arena, with a live audience, big light shows, visual effects and big digital screens showing all three live games, at the same time.

A new country and city at every tournament made to exploit all the fans of every team with their favorite esports mixed with a digital entertainment show.

A new and different format that has been created to give the best both to live audience and broadcast viewers at the same time.

In 2019 BLAST Pro Series will host 7 tournaments before ending the year with a Grand Final show to finish the most ambitious year for BLAST yet.

Blast Pro Series tournaments

BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019

05 May - 05 May

BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019

04 Apr - 04 Apr

BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019

03 Mar - 03 Mar

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019

07 Jul - 07 Jul

What is special

What’s special about the BLAST Pro Series is the creativity and new way of mixing entertainment and competitive esports. You are getting a big light show with visual effects while cheering for your favorite players at the same time.

For the first time in their history, BLAST Pro Series had a local/regional qualifying system for their latest tournament in Madrid, where 6 teams played for the final spot in the tournament. It will be the first of many qualifiers and the goal is to make a local and regional qualification system for every future BLAST event in the coming seasons. Please be aware that BLAST Pro tried another version to Los Angeles 2019 where it is without local teams. 

Another thing that makes BLAST different is their new format which can be loved by some and not liked by others.

Tournament format

Like other tournaments, BLAST has an initial group phase, where all 6 participating teams are facing each other in BO1 maps. What makes this different is that all 3 games are being played at the same time, with 5 rounds being played in total.

After the 5th round, it leaves the best 2 teams (top 2) from the group stage, that qualify for the Grand Final – a game that is played in BO3.

The team that ended 3rd in the group stage are qualified for the BLAST Stand-Off, which is a show-match format played in 1v1’s. The team can challenge one of the remaining teams for the match.  

BLAST Pro tried another version to Los Angeles 2019, where it is without local teams and with semifinals. The setup is now:

Upcoming tournaments