DreamHack is designed to be special! They call themselves the biggest “Digital Festival” and allows people to bring their own computers at the event.


DreamHack is one of the big events in terms of esports tournaments and other gaming conventions. They are founded in 1994 in Sweden and are known to have the largest LAN party in the world. They call themselves the biggest “Digital Festival” because the events also include live concerts and competitions in digital art and of course esports. They now have both a summer event and a winter event in Jönköping, Sweden and other DreamHack events worldwide, where most noticeable for Counter-Strike they have Master events.

DreamHack tournaments

DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019

05 May - 06 Jun

What is special

What’s most special about DreamHack is the massive LAN party they have. DreamHack allows people to come with their own computers and play and compete against other gamers, meet people and celebrate internet culture. They are focusing on creating the best in-person esports and gaming festival experiences for people who attend their events.

In the DreamHack Masters, 8 teams are invited and the rest of the teams comes through their regional qualifiers.

Tournament format

The formats that DreamHack is using for their Master events are Group stages and Play-offs.

They have 4 group stages with the double-elimination format, which means that the top 2 proceeds to play-offs and the bottom 2 teams from each group are eliminated. The next Master in Dallas will be 2 groups of 8 instead of 4 groups of 4.

Opening and elimination matches are all BO1 while winners and decider matches are BO3.  

The playoffs are single-elimination brackets until the finals and all matches including the grand finals are all played BO3.

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