ESL Pro League

The biggest yearly tournament is called ESL Pro League and it has a huge prize pool of 2 million dollars!


ESL Pro League is a Counter Strike league for professional teams. The league is divided into Europe, North and Latin America and Asia-Pacific region, where they each compete to have a spot in the yearly big tournament with a huge prize pool of 2 million dollars.

It’s one of the toughest CS:GO competition to win and it can be compared to the world cup in football, where you first have to qualify through regions and then attend the big tournament for the grand reward.

ESL Pro League tournaments

ESL Pro League Season 9

06 Jun - 06 Jun

What is special

The special thing about the ESL Pro League is that it is not just one tournament you attend and then win.

It is divided into many weeks where you play in the group stages and then either qualify or play a second round of group stage to qualify for the season finals.

In the seasons finals it is then the best 16 teams in the world who compete and to win the Pro League trophy, which is more special because of the “long” process and the many matches to be the ultimate champions.

Also, for this year’s ESL Pro League all matches in the group stages are now offline – which means that teams will play in Studios in the UK and US (Asia are still playing online qualifiers).

Tournament format

As mentioned in the introduction, teams are divided in three separate regions: Europe, North/Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

There, the teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4 teams, based on their ESL World Ranking, also known as Round 1.

The winner of each group qualifies directly for the season finals, while 2nd and 3rd of the group must play Round 2, which is 2 new groups of 4 – and winners and second place qualify for the finals then.

All matches are BO3 and is played with the Round-Robin system.

The format for the Season Finale are also group stages with double-elimination format.

Each group has 8 teams(again based on their ESL World Ranking) where initial matches are BO1 and all other matches are BO3.

Top 3 teams from each group advance to the play-offs where: Winner qualify directly to semi-finals, runners-up qualified for the quarterfinals (High seeds) and 3rd place qualify for the quarterfinals (Low seeds).

The play-offs are single-elimination brackets and are played BO3 in the quarter and semifinals while the Grand Final is played BO5.

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