StarSeries & i-League

The StarSeries & i-League is a joint venture between StarLadder and ImbaTV! High prize pool and special structure makes this a fantastic tournament to watch.


The StarSeries & i-League is a joint venture between StarLadder and ImbaTV from Ukraine and China.

It was before known as the StarLadder & i-League StarSeries. StarLadder was founded in 2001 and has been hosting esports tournaments as StarSeries and also helping in organizing events, studio and video production, live streaming for global audiences and they are meanwhile having online platform for amateur, semi-pro and professional tournaments for almost every esports game, including CS:GO, where they entered the tournament scene in 2013.

StarSeries & i-League tournaments

StarSeries i-League Season 7

03 Mar - 04 Apr

What is special

The special thing about the StarSeries & i-League is that the group stages are played in one big group of normally 16 teams. In the big group they play matches in the Swiss system and when they reach round 3 the teams play against each other in matches made up with a “Buchholz system” which is “ranking based on opponents’ performances”.

Another thing is that the prize pool are really high as well and they host Major tournaments with prize pool up to 1 million dollars and that they stood by the Swiss system, which they believe is the best system for CS:GO tournaments.

The most special for StarLadder themselves is that they managed to build and organize all this up from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and to now become a worldwide operator.

Tournament format

As mentioned in the previous sections, they are now using the Swiss system in a big group stage with 16 teams.

The first 2 rounds are played BO3, but when reaching elimination or proceeding matches the games are played with the Buchholz system and still BO3.

The top 8 teams proceed to the playoffs while bottom 8 teams are eliminated.

The playoffs are single-elimination brackets played in BO3 matches expect the Grand Final which is BO5.

There’s also a show match between 2 teams mixed up with featuring players from the attending teams at the tournament. Western team vs. Eastern Team. The game is BO1 and the prize money goes to the charity the winning team wants.

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