The WESG World Finals can be seen as the Olympics or the World Championship of CS:GO!


WESG, also known as World Electronic Sports Games, is an international esports tournament organized by Alisports back in 2016. It includes different esports games such as CS:GO, Hearthstone, Dota2, StarCraft 2 and more. They currently have the biggest prize pool of any third-party tournament worldwide.

Alisports believes that esports should be seen as a real sport and their goal is to have esports included for the Olympic games in the future.

The WESG added women’s group in 2017 in CS:GO and Hearthstone and the prize pool for the Grand Final was 2.5 million dollars.  

What is special

The special thing about WESG is that they follow the Olympic Games’ standard values – meaning that they want the participating teams and players to be same nationality and compete for national glory.

They have qualifiers from all parts of the world – for example in Europe there was only 1 team from each region or country who could participate.

Alisports wants the players and teams to have national pride and quotes on their website that:
“Pro Esporters need to build themselves as athletes and take the call seriously. Also, they should have national pride, self-discipline, teamwork, and respect for his opponents and referees.”

Tournament format

The WESG World Finals can be seen as the Olympics or the World Championship of CS:GO – it is not as big as a Major yet, but it could be a big future thing and it doesn’t lack with the prize pool nor bragging rights.

The format of the World Finals is the Round Robin format for the first half of the tournament, which include 32 teams (normally 8 groups with 4 teams in each).  All matches are BO2 and the top 2 teams from each group proceeded to the playoffs.

The playoffs are played as BO3 and is single-elimination brackets.

The final and the 3rd place is also BO3.