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Privacy Policy

Last update: June 14th, 2019

By using eManager you accept our terms and conditions, use of cookies, etc. If you don’t wish to accept our terms and conditions please close our website and/or services immediately. eManager cannot be used without the acceptance of our terms and conditions.


eManager is where you, as a fan of esport can learn more about the players and teams you love, see live, upcoming and completed matches, and read about the biggest and best tournaments in the world.

We help casual viewers into the world of esport by helping them follow & understand the games, players, teams and more.

Which data do we collect

It’s important that you only provide us with the information we require in the correct forms. You should not provide information that can be used to identify you in any other place than the correct forms.

When you sign in with Facebook, we collect your name, email and profile photo.

When you sign in with Google, we collect your name, email and profile photo.

Google Analytics

We collect analytics data trough Google analytics cookies that analyses traffic, location, demographics that we use to analyze and optimize the behaivior on eManager.


If your have won any prizes, we ask you to fill in your personal information like name, email, street, zip city & country. These information can always be removed by you, and we only use that information for sending the prizes correctly to you.

Use of information

We do not use data from Facebook/Google for any advertising creatives

We do not sell your data

We delete your Facebook/Google data when you delete the access from Facebook/Google

If you are signed in with Facebook, we only use your name and email for login information and leaderboards under tournaments. Profile photo is only used on leaderboards globally and in groups, but can easily be changed if want to.

We will never published any kind of information on the users Facebook profile.

If you are signed in with Google, we only use your name and email for login information and leaderboards under tournaments. Profile photo is only used on leaderboards globally and in groups, but can easily be changed if want to.

User information collected like: email, name, photo etc. will never be sold or transfered to any part

Sensitive information

You should not provide us with sensitive information. Sensitive information could be and is not limited to race, religion, political views, a part of a specific union, sexual orientation or health issues. We are not allowed to collect or have any interest in such data and will remove them from eManager immediately.

Data storage on sensitive information

eManager uses several 3rd-party solutions where all or parts of the data will be transferred to. This includes Økonomisk Samarbejdsområde “EEA” but also all data that is transferred or is being processed by a country outside Europe. Any transfer of data will follow the current law.

Edit your data

Each time you log into your account, your data will be synchronized with your latest actions. You can always write to us at

If you wish to edit your data. You can at any time unsubscribe from news and marketing-related information by writing to us at

Insight regarding your data

You always have the right to ask us to clarify what data we have collected about you. If any or some of the data isn’t correct you can always ask us to edit or delete them. The data we collect when you create an account on eManager will be used for marketing purposes.

Disclosure of data

eManager will in certain cases disclose your data. Your data can be disclosed in the following cases:

3rd-party services that eManager uses to enhance the product and/or services

In case of the sale of eManager

If any law or judge rules demand that your data should be disclosed

Deleting your data

We store your data as long as we have a valid use for it. All data and information regarding your participation in a tournament will be deleted at some point.

Your name, email address among other data will be kept in the system in case eManager needs to contact you again or you wish to use eManager again.

You have the right to always demand that we delete your data and withdraw your acceptance by contacting us at After that, we will only keep data in compliance with the current law.

You have the option to complain if you don’t agree with our decisions. Any complaints should be sent to Datatilsynet. See more at

Social media

When you create an account on eManager, we collect the data specified under “Which data do we collect”. We collect those data because it makes it easier for you as a user when you log-in. We don’t have permission to or access to post or write anything on your social media accounts.

By accepting these terms, you also allow eManager to retrieve data from your profile.

Analysis of data

eManager analyze the data we collect on a regular basis to ensure a better experience for the customer.

eManager is allowed to contact you through phone or email in cases like these:

news about eManager news regarding the game or tournaments how well you are doing in a game or tournament user-research questions regarding your profile on eManager marketing, both news, and advertisements through social media, email, and cookies

Changes and updates

eManager has the right to at any time change or updates the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. The terms and conditions can always be found on the website. The use of eManager after the terms and conditions have been updated is considered as an acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

Responsible for data

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