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Terms of Service

Last update: October 14th, 2019

eManager is powered by

eManager ApS
VAT number: DK40224203
Sønder Boulevard 38, st. tv
1720 København V

When you use eManager, you accept our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy and our use of cookies. If you don’t want to accept our terms and conditions please close eManager immediately and stop using the service.

When using eManager, it includes:

  • Visit,,,
  • Use of eManager as a manager game
  • Use of eManager services

Please note that when you play eManager, you are created as a user. The creation occurs when you log in through Facebook, Google or create a user account using your email address.

Although we do our best to provide up-to-date and accurate information, there may be price changes, unintentional errors and the like on eManager, and we, therefore, point out that all content on is offered “as is” without warranty of completeness or correctness and without any claims of any kind.

If you violate our terms or the spirit and content of the statement, we may prevent you from using our websites and services.


All prizes are in US dollars and include VAT from Denmark. All changes to the content and subscription content, composition, scope, and prizes can be changed by eManager with notification by email or by posting on our website.

Sponsor groups

Third party sponsored prizes is handled solely by the sponsor and not by eManager.

Terms of payment

The billing period is stated on the individual subscription type and is charged before each period.

You allow eManager to continuously withdraw the subscription amount and/or additional services using your card.

When drawing on your card in connection with subscription renewal and/or additional services, an invoice will be sent for your purchase to your email.


You can cancel your subscription no later than 7 days before a new subscription period begins.

eManager can terminate the cooperation with you with 3-months notice. eManager can, however, terminate the collaboration with immediate effect if you violate our terms, abuse our service, in case of non-payment, if you become insolvent or go bankrupt.

No refund or cancellation right

The application and additional products/services are offered exclusively digitally and therefore no 14-day cancellation right applies.

Profiles and team names

eManager has the right to change or reject profiles and team names. It may be because the names are offensive or are commercial. If this is violated, any payment already made will not be returned.

Use of eManager

eManager (the service, websites, and services) is exclusively owned by eManager ApS. You do not acquire the application (services, websites, and services) or a copy or part thereof and do not obtain a license to run the application except as software as a service.

eManager has the right to assign its rights and obligations to you to the affiliated company, any co-owner or third party.

eManager and our other services are offered exclusively for non-commercial use, ie. that you may not distribute, modify, publish, reuse, transmit or otherwise use any material and content on our websites for public or commercial purposes without our written consent.

You may link to and use material from eManager or our other services, but you must comply with the copyright laws and clearly state eManager as the source.


eManager has the complete copyright, access and all other rights to the service, websites, services, and all data (including personal data) entered, collected or otherwise used in eManager.

eManager is the owner, has the property rights and is the data controller for all data that is used and processed in our service, websites, and services.

Uptime and stability

eManager always strives to provide the highest level of stability on the service, websites, and services at all possible, but we are not responsible for any breakdowns caused by factors outside of eManager’s control. This includes, but is not limited to, power failure, equipment failures, Internet connections, telecommunications connections or the like.

In all cases, eManager strives to re-establish normal operation as soon as possible.


eManager has the right to send emails to the customer if there are updates, new functions or other relevant/interesting information.

In addition, eManager has the right to add/broadcast advertisements from third parties in emails.

All emails can be unsubscribed by clicking on the “unsubscribe newsletter”, which appears in each email broadcast.


When playing eManager, users can sometimes win prizes/gifts for their placement in leaderboards/groups or randomly selected as a winner.

Users are eligible to win multiple prizes, but only one prize per sponsor group.

Employees at eManager, partners, and sponsors are not eligible to win prizes but can still participate in the different groups.

There can be specific rules and conditions for each sponsor group. Are these rules and conditions not met, the user won't be eligible to win any prizes in the specific sponsor group.

If there is more than one user with the best manager team (same team value) in a group, the winner of the group will be selected randomly between these managers.

If a winner doesn’t contact us three weeks after the ending of the tournament they won in, the prize/gift will either go to the next person on the leaderboard or will be a prize/gift in the next upcoming tournament.

We allow changing a present to something else at any time, including if its shipping cost is too high to the winner’s country. And we are allowed to decline a user a prize/gift if the user has signed up for a group/channel where the price is only given to specific country residents.

Likewise, we are allowed to recall a prize/gift from a winner if the user has created, mishandled, or in any way has done something wrong. Including if the user didn’t reach out to us in time.

You, as a user, have every obligation to report any premiums to the tax authorities or other public institutions. Likewise, you are also required to pay any costs that your country requires by winning such a prize (tax / VAT, etc.).


The use of the application (service, websites, and services) is entirely at your own risk. eManager cannot be held liable for direct or indirect losses that may arise in connection with its use.

We reserve the right to remove your information in the event of abuse or use for unauthorized and/or criminal purposes. We also reserve the right to make changes on an ongoing basis, close or delete all data without further notice of this part.

Finally, we cannot be held liable for the information that is available on eManager.


eManager continuously analyzes your data (including the use of the services, websites, and services) to ensure a better experience for you and the company.


If there is disagreement between the customer and eManager, the disagreement must be settled according to Danish law with the City Court in Copenhagen as the first instance.

Changes and updates

eManager may at any time modify and update these terms/conditions and rights information. The applicable terms/conditions will always be available on our websites. Use of eManager and our other services upon modification of the terms/conditions shall be deemed to be your acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.

Cookie policy and safety

eManager uses internal and external cookies to continually improve your experience of our service, including the website, and support our marketing and remarketing.

Overall and simplified, a cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer when you use eManager to recognize you when you return to our services. The file contains no sensitive information and cannot contain either SPAM or viruses.

Cookies are used, among other things, to determine who visits and uses our service and user behavior and statistics.

If you do not want us to use cookies, you can either delete them in your browser or block them. Note, however, that it will give you a worse experience of eManager and our services.

For information, we use the following external cookies:

  • Facebook
  • Google analytics

Securing and availability of your data

eManager is hosted by one of Denmark’s largest providers, and all data is physically hosted in Europe.

Secure connection (SSL)

All communication between you and eManager is encrypted so your data cannot be intercepted along the way. It is the same technology used for services like online banks and NemID.

Fully Automatic Backup

All data on eManager is continuously backed up.