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eAllsvenskan Season 3
Ended Jun 3, 2021
Online,  Sweden
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What is FIFA

FIFA is a solo/duo based football game, that is played competitively as an esports game

It involves one or two players on each team, where the competitors functions as a squad of 11 footballers in the game. These 11 players are based around the game mode FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), where you as a player must select your 11 favorite players. This means that you don't play as a certain national team or club. As in a normal game of football, 2 halves are played, which usually lasts around 4-6 minutes for both halves. As in real football, outcomes of matches are determined by scoring goals and being the best competitor on the field.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association mainly refered as FIFA

The first FIFA game was released in 1993, called "FIFA International Soccer". Ever since the first release of the now extremely popular game, it has had a new release almost every year with updated graphics, gameplay, and features.

Why you should watch FIFA

FIFA is an amazing game that takes all the exciting elements from real football and makes it even better. Thousands of the best players in the world compete against each other every year in hopes of pride and glory. The game even features an esport version of the World Cup called FIFA eWorld Cup, which is the biggest and best tournament this esport has to offer.

The thrill of seeing your favorite player score a goal here is just as satisfying as watching the real thing, so dive into the world of competitive FIFA with us!